Every day in this country, three motorcyclists are killed at intersections.** We would like to send a positive message to the community that motorcycle safety and looking twice is imperitive to bikers safety and others, as well. The four deadliest words any person can say is, "I Didn't See Him." Those are the exact words the person who killed  family member and friend, Sylvester A. Holley the morning of June 26, 2007 while heading to work. This is why we started the Annual Syl "Superhog" Holley Motorcycle Memorial Safety Rally which is now in its 6th year.
Florida has a growing population of motorcycle enthusiasts which makes motorcycle safety an important issue. Florida has shown to have a significant number of  motorcycle crashes, fatalities, and injuries in the United States.
Our hope is that this event and fund will bring awareness to both Motorcyclist and Non-Motorcyclist to Look Twice on the Roadways!
** Based on U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Fatality Analysis Reporting System averages
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